Self Production Package ($35.00)

This package contains a comprehensive guide to putting on your own staged reading. If you have the time, the money, and the inclination to roll up your sleeves and go to work, this may be your best option.

Some things to keep in mind - you will need support, it's not a project for one person. Aside from the sheer volume of work, managing an audition is a complex process and typically requires a minimum of three people. AEA (Actors Equity) imposes strict limits on what you may ask of an actor. Not all actors are AEA, but many of the good one's are. Have one actor in AEA means your staged reading must conform to AEA's Staged Reading guidelines (a copy is included in the packet).

Actors will expect to be reimbursed for their travel expenses - keep this in mind when casting.

Plays are a collaborative effort, and the end result is unlikely to be the one you imagined. Occasionally, it is better. But more frequently, because of limited rehearsal time, artistic differences, and a host of other reasons, the finished work will fall short of some of your expectations. This is the nature of the game.
The package is geared toward an NYC performance, but much of it is applicable anywhere you can find actors and a stage. Expect to spend not less than $2,000. A cost breakdown by item is provided in the package. You may be able to avoid some expenses - e.g., if you have a place to rehearse you will avoid the expense of renting it. In our experience, everything winds up costing more than we anticipated.

The Self-Production package covers, in detail, the following subjects:

The package includes a list of resources, many of which are geared to an NYC production. Many are not. The following items are also included in the package:

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