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Name: StreetAddress:
City,State, zip: Phone   Home:    Cell:   
Service type: None
Package $35
Showcase TBD
Managed reading Basic   ($1,500*) Extended ($1,700*) Deluxe($2,000*)
Full Production $5,000*
A La Carte Services:
Consultation $125 1st hr. / $25 per hr. thereafter
Dramaturg Variable
Find a Director 10% of Director's fee
Moderate discussion $50 per hr + T&E
Publicity $100*
Rehearsal $100*
StageDotOrg PO Box $25 per month { $50 for set
Voice Mail $15 per month
Web-listing / Email forwarding $15 per month
* Plus Time & Expenses:
Time: Unless otherwise noted, we charge $50 per hour for services that exceed contracted hours. If the service has no contracted hours, you are billed $50 per hour for the length of the service.

Expenses: Some expenses that can not be calculated until the time the service is performed include:

Prices subject to change.